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Our Marketing

The key to selling your home is marketing your property to the right people, at the right time and in the right way. Utilising our many years of experience, at Red Hot Property, we take advantage of our tried-and-tested (not to mention triple award-winning) marketing methods to help sell your home.

We’re innovative, forward-thinkers by nature, and so we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to help sell your home – we’re deliberately different from other agents and don’t just rest on our laurels. So much so, we’ve recently engaged a specialist marketing communications agency to work with us, so we continue to move forward and stand out from the crowd, while building on our past successes in helping hundreds of happy customers sell their home.

Web-marketing and social media

As a marketing resource, web-based marketing now accounts for around 95% of our enquiries. It is our major area of investment and we continuously devote time and money into optimisation and content, ensuring its effectiveness as a sales aid.

We guarantee all of our web-marketing it is user friendly and we maintain strong links to other influential websites, in particular to the major website portals including RightMove, Zoopla and Prime Location.

We live in a digital age and so we view our website as a dynamic resource, making sure its content is updated regularly for maximum effect.  In addition, we share our web content with potential buyers across our social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, making sure your property is seen by as many people as possible in order to drive enquiries to convert into sales.

Sales boards

Our sales boards are designed to attract attention and we change them every year to retain fresh interest in the Red Hot Property brand.

You may find that other agents use the same board year-on-year and unwittingly allow their brand to become diluted and less effective. Whilst enquiries from this resource sit at around 8%, it is our second most effective resource for generating enquiries. Essentially, it is not the quantity of enquiries that our boards bring, but it’s the quality that counts.

Video tours

At Red Hot Property, our video tours have been proven to help sell your home.  Potential buyers find out more about the features of your property that may previously have only been seen by conducting a viewing. For instance, our tours can pan a view and focus through a window to highlight the outlook; scan an L-shaped room, raising the view-finder into an open or cathedral-style ceiling; zoom in on key features, a quality finish or attractive detailing.

All of the films are produced in true full motion HD with Steadicam filming and colour grading.  Then, to make sure your property is seen by potential buyers, we share the footage through our website and across our social media profiles, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

Video tours should not just be a sequence of still photographs; our aim is to bring your property to life.

Sales particulars

At Red Hot Property, we view sales particulars as simple fact sheets.  They are usually requested by someone who is already interest in a particular property and want to find out more about room sizes, layout and so on.
Our approach is to make our particulars short and snappy; they are to the point and avoid jargon or ‘fluffy’ language.  We adopt a ‘less-is-more’ approach using descriptions and images, but don’t over-egg the details, so that potential buyers have to ask us questions.  After all, we can only sell if we are engaged in conversations.

Floor plans

Available in 2D and 3D, a Red Hot Property floor plan gives buyers a clear understanding of layout configuration and the potential to adapt, extend or alter a property. Often room measurements alone are difficult to visualise, and so floor plans complement our video tours exceptionally well.

Elevated photography

Using a carefully considered main image of your home can have a significant impact on the level of interest your property can receive.

Often a ground floor photograph doesn’t highlight the depth of a property, the setting, plot size, privacy or outlook. By using an elevated image on our sales particulars and especially across our website, sellers can benefit from an increased ‘click-through’ rate – buyers like what they see and then choose to find out more about your property online via our website and then study the fuller sales details.

Extended business hours

At Red Hot Property, we are totally customer-focused and like to give our clients what they want.  Through monitoring our website, we discovered that the bulk of our traffic was occurring in the evenings, between the hours 6pm and 9pm.

As a result, we’ve made ourselves available 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm.  Once we’ve shut-up-shop at 6pm. our office calls are diverted to a business Blackberry and all calls are answered by a member of the Red Hot Property team.

Our remote internet-accessed database allows us immediate contact with all of our clients and applicants. Put simply, our use of technology enables us to run a virtual evening office. During this period we regularly book viewings and valuation requests, as well as provide regular communication with clients.

Free accompanied viewings

Our free accompanied viewings service is offered to all customers. As agents, we prefer to attend viewings, as we gain a greater percentage of offers by doing so. Through monitoring performance across the industry, we found that 10% of vendor accompanied viewings resulted in an offer. By contrast, 25% of Red Hot Property accompanied viewings produce an offer. It is absolutely clear that our sales success is greater when we provide this service.